About Pace and Kyeli

Kyeli and Pace

Hi! We’re Pace and Kyeli Smith. We help spiritual world-changers live wild crazy meaningful lives.

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In 2007, we got our first taste of what it felt like to live a wild, crazy, meaningful life. We presented some tips and tricks we’d learned about communication and relationships to a small audience. After the presentation, two-thirds of the audience members came over to thank us and tell us how much we had helped them. Several even encouraged us to write a book about the topic. So we did. And our hearts felt so full of love that day that we started our own business, so we could do what we love – and be of service to others – for a living.

Since then, we’ve taught classes, coached, written, presented, and blogged our hearts out to help spiritual world-changers live wild crazy meaningful lives. Pace quit her day job in 2012 to focus on our business full-time, we sold 95% of our possessions, we lived in an RV and traveled across the country for six months before finally settling in Portland, Oregon, and we’ve had all sorts of wild crazy meaningful adventures along the way.

About Pace

Pace helps sensitive spiritual misfits follow their heart’s compass to a wild crazy meaningful life.

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About Kyeli

Kyeli is an intrepid indie photographer + writer, sharing her heart through stories and photos.

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