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     The Usual Error: Why We Don’t Understand Each Other and 34 Ways to Make It Better
by Pace and Kyeli Smith

Our book on communication and relationships. It’s full of useful tips and tricks on solving real-life problems, complete with oodles of examples to show you how to put it into practice and 34 interesting illustrations to help the concepts stick in your head. Everything in here we took directly from our own hard-learned lessons, straight from our lives to yours.

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     Time & Again
by Kyeli Smith and Ellie Di Julio

“You must go back to the beginning to find the end.” Everything is perfect the day Saffron Clovers finds out she’s pregnant. Now she and her husband, Nate, can have the family they’ve longed for. But after a series of tragic losses and intensive heartache, their marriage crumbles. Saffron finds herself completely bereft. No children, no husband, no home. Yet, there’s hope. A strangely familiar woman on a foreign beach prophecies that Saffron will have the daughter she’s always dreamed of. But how? To find out, Saffron sets off on a cross-country journey back to her childhood home to complete the circle and begin a new story. She’s not sure what she’ll find there; all she knows is that it’s time to go.

Time & Again is a modern fairytale about a woman on a quest to discover who she is – past, present, and future – guided by magic and the yearning of her heart.

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     Your Mess Is Your Mission
by Pace Smith

Do you ever feel like you’re digging out a mountain of crap shovelful by shovelful, digging for the jewels that you desperately hope are buried somewhere inside? Hold that shovel! That crap is fertilizer for your Great Work. Your mess isn’t in the way of your mission; your mess is your mission.

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