Pace and I are finally, after a decade together, able to get legally married.

We are seriously HYPE!

Kyeli and Pace

look at how hype we are, srsly

We are having a very tiny ceremony with our small contingent of superfriends here in the glorious Pacific NW. Our illegal wedding was a magical faerytale dream come true for both of us – and it was huge! And we totally can’t handle a wedding of that magnitude again, woo.

But we know you might wish you could be involved in some way, so we’ve got you covered!

If you would like to give us a gift, we would be so grateful if you’d donate to our honeymoon fund!

It’s easy-peasy: just hit this button, type in an amount, and you’re golden – and we’re super grateful!

Where are you going, ladies?

We are going on a sacred roadtrip! We’ll be meandering through the Pacific Northwest, visiting sacred sites and being open to serendipity and where the road takes us. We’ve got about a week’s worth of time and a world’s worth of open road – and a lot of choices whether we go north or south! We’re especially hoping to see lots of wild animals and to experience the healing peace and quiet the sacred places of our beloved PNW holds.

Your donation will go to upgrading our hotel stays from dingy to dazzling, to giving us an extra meal out instead of eating out of our car, to fund us when we see something amazing that has an entry fee, even to an extra couple of days out there to explore!

roadtrip sunset

We’re so grateful to you for helping us celebrate our marriage. We’ve been together for 10 years, and we’ve waited so long to be recognized by our home state – it’s a huge deal for us! And we’re absolutely thrilled that you’re pitching in to help us have a wild, crazy, meaningful adventure!