World-Changer of the Month

World-Changer of the Month March 2012: Mark Silver

Mark SilverMark Silver of Heart of Business is changing the world by helping small business owners integrate heart and spirit into their businesses.

The more heart-centered entrepreneurs there are in the world, the less power the greedy, unethical businesspeople have. And by giving consumers a choice to buy from someone with integrity, we give non-business-owners the power to change the world with their wallets. All of this helps shift the dominant paradigm from control to connection.

is Love available even here?We’ve learned a ton from Mark about business, spirituality, and changing the world – and we can’t recommend him highly enough. Pace even got a tattoo of a mantra she learned from Mark, so she can have a constant reminder.

World-Changer of the Month April 2012: Jennifer Louden

Jennifer LoudenJen Louden is changing the world by helping people savor and serve. She believes that self-love and world-love will make you whole.

World-love without self-love leads to burnout. Many activists and would-be world-changers seek fulfillment by trying to do things. But the paradox of life is that to create change, we must first fully accept what is. And that deep, whole acceptance? That’s what we call Love.

To change the world, you must first change yourself. To heal the world, you must first heal yourself. And to love the world, you must first love yourself.

World-Changer of the Month June 2012: Susan Piver

Susan PiverSusan Piver is changing the world by helping people open their hearts. In her own words, “The power of kindness can give us the world we dream of living in. Much more than being ‘nice,’ kindness is a skillful means of the highest order. To be truly kind, we have to be truly aware. We have to be able to see clearly. Then we can change the world.”

World-Changer of the Month July 2012: Pam Slim

Pam Slim
Pam Slim is changing the world by helping people find success and happiness in the new world of work.

She’s written Escape From Cubicle Nation to help dreamers stuck in corporate jobs make the leap to self-employment. She’s worked with teenage gang members, encouraging them to get off the streets. All this and more is why Pam is high on our list of world-changers.