Pathfinding II: The Ganeshification

Are you struggling with obstacles on your path?

Introducing Pathfinding II: The Ganeshification!

Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles. During this 6-month program, we will clear away the top 1 or 2 obstacles in your path.

1 or 2 obstacles in 6 months? Srsly?

Oh yes. We’re not talking about pigeon-size obstacles like “I need some new shoes.” We’re not talking about horse-sized obstacles like “My work environment drains me instead of sustains me.” We’re talking about elephant-sized obstacles. And for elephant-sized obstacles, we need an elephant-sized Remover of Obstacles, plus enough time for deep transformation to take place. You know what kind of deep transformation I’m talking about, because you experienced it in Pathfinding I.

I’m talking about elephant-sized obstacles like:

  • I can’t stay focused on my Great Work because of stupid stuff like Facebook and awesome-but-distracting stuff like learning new things.
  • I can’t stay focused on my Great Work because I’m too busy making ends meet, and I hardly have any time left over.
  • I can’t stay focused on my Great Work because I’m too exhausted all the time, and I hardly have any energy left over.
  • I now know what my path is, and my own business is on it. Now I need to grow my audience and somehow make some money.
  • I now know what my path is, but I’m afraid that I haven’t got what it takes to actually do it.
  • In Pathfinding I, I discovered my path. But I’ve been slipping back into old patterns and ways of doing things, and I’m afraid I may have wandered off the path.

What if you could remove those obstacles?

What might it feel like to walk on a clear path forward, instead of constantly bumping into these same big boulders?

In Pathfinding II: The Ganeshification, I’ll help you remove those obstacles.

We’ll build on what you learned in Pathfinding I, and apply that knowledge directly to the obstacle that’s blocking you the most painfully.

At the end of the Ganeshification Program:

  • you’ll be making significantly faster, concrete, measurable progress on your path
  • you’ll experience a deeper sense of ease and peacefulness in your day-to-day life, since you’re not stumbling over those obstacles every single day

Pace, you have mad skillz as a coach. I signed up for the Pathfinder Program because I had this vague sense that my business needed more of my heart in it, but I didn’t really know what that meant or what to do about it. Six months later, I now have reliable access to my heart. I have trust and faith that my heart knows where to go, and how to lead my business in the right direction. The strength of your faith is very reassuring. You’re a constant, strong anchor. You have direct access to this constant source of, well… Source. I always felt like you gave me support and direction, and now I feel clear and confident about my own direction. Thank you. You inspire me.

-Kelly Kingman | Content Visionary & New Media Publisher |

Is this for you?

Well, you already know what working with me is like from Pathfinding I, and Pathfinding II is only open to people who have completed Pathfinding I.

In Pathfinding I, you found your path, and you learned how to access your inner Compass for guidance. You took some bold steps onto your path, and promptly ran into some elephant-sized obstacles. We worked together on getting around those obstacles as much as we could, in the time we had together in Pathfinding I.

If you’re now making steady progress on your path, and you’re enjoying the journey, that’s great! Happy trails, and keep up the Great Work. Also, you can stop reading this now, because you don’t need this program. (:

Pathfinding II is for you if you’re blocked by a big boulder on your path. Pathfinding II is for you if you’re ready to make some serious progress on your path – significant, concrete, measurable progress – and you’re willing to do the work required to get those elephant-sized obstacles out of your way.

Before I started working with you, I was angry, stressed, and caught up in my own world. Now I feel a completely different energy from this city. I feel way more peaceful – I have a deeper sense of awareness, and I’m so grateful for it. I’m not taking things personally anymore, and it’s such a relief!

I signed up for this program because I don’t want to go through the next 50 years with the same sort of blinders on that I had in the first 50. I’ve been drifting along the path, and now I want to create my own path.

I will be eternally grateful to you for the work we’ve done over the past few months. It’s been brilliant. I feel a change. It’s a new beginning, and I’m really curious and excited to see where it goes.

—Lianne Scott | Writer, Adventurer |

What we’ll do

Like Pathfinding I, Pathfinding II will be a mix of the sublime and the practical – whatever is needed most at the time.

The obstacles blocking you are like thick, thorny vines covering your path. If you hack away at the vines, they’ll just grow back, because their roots are still buried deeply. We’ll need to sing to those roots, encourage them to grow toward the sunlight instead of blocking your way.

I’m talking about deep emotional or spiritual roots like:

  • I try to earn the love and admiration of others by working really hard, but I still feel unfulfilled
  • I keep busy and stay in my head to avoid stillness, because I’m afraid of getting in touch with my heart
  • On some level, I don’t truly believe I deserve to be happy
  • I feel unworthy to do the work I fear I am called to do
  • I try to earn others’ love by being helpful, but I exhaust myself and still feel empty.

And then, once we’ve encouraged those roots to grow toward the light, we can clear away the now-dead vines blocking your path. We can solve the practical problems like:

  • Managing your time so that you have time for the important things, the fun things, and self-care
  • Managing your money to be more aligned with what’s most important to you
  • Growing your business
  • Establishing routines and systems that are solid enough to help you but flexible enough to be comfortable
  • Cultivating relationships that nourish you, and letting go of relationships that drain you (or insulating yourself from them instead of letting go)

and rest assured that they’ll stay solved.

You experienced Pathfinding I, so you know what kind of growth, learning, and transformation can occur. I’m offering you Pathfinding II because I want to continue to be of service to you on your path.

At the end of the Pathfinder Program with Pace, what do I have now that I didn’t have when I began? I have my “wonderbubble”. It’s like a go-kart of peace that doesn’t take any gas and I can ride it anywhere I want. It’s a sense of confidence and ease that I never had before, and now I can access it in any situation.

And now that I’ve got this wonderbubble, I feel safe to unfold my heart fully. I have a deeper and richer connection with the Universe and with other people. What that actually looks like is, for example, me leaving the house and connecting with people in real life. I used to be sort of a hermit, and now I’m coming out of my shell in ways I never had before.

I feel like my life is just beginning. The Pathfinder Program was my six-month chrysalis. Now I’m a butterfly, and I’m ready to fly.

—Claudia Snowden | Writer, Musician, Healer |

What you get as part of the Ganeshification Program

From past experience, I know I love working with you. So I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join this program.

  • 1 individual session per month, for 6 months. Each session ends with a clear task to focus on, so you’ll know exactly what to do to work on obstacle removal.
  • 1 group session per month, for 6 months. I’ll keep this group small enough to make sure that everyone gets a turn on each group call.
  • A private Facebook group to stay in touch with me and the group, and to help each other out. It’ll probably be a mix of some familiar faces and some new friends.
  • Email support as needed

How much does it cost?

Same as Pathfinding I: $297/month for 6 months, or if you prefer, 1 payment of $1782.

What I used to always do is think, “This is what I need to do,” and I’d do a lot of work and it turned out to be totally the wrong direction. I changed course a lot. But now, after completing the Pathfinding Program, I’m feeling like I’m headed in the direction that I need to go. I have more of a focus and a clearer direction. I have action steps that are going to take me where I really want to go. That’s a good thing.

I now have clarity that I do have something to offer the world, and I know what it is that I offer. I wouldn’t be where I am without your coaching support, Pace. I’d still be back there working on my website, creating another website for this, creating another website for that – without realizing that it all fits together. Realizing that it all fit together under the theme of authentic expression changed everything for me.

I really enjoyed this process. It was just so much fun! I’m very grateful. The Pathfinding Program was a good investment. Money well spent.

– Peggy Nelson, MS, OT | Teacher, Healer, Website Helper |


Dates: The Ganeshification Program begins on November 1st and lasts 6 months. November 1st is Samhain – the Celtic New Year – a great day for new beginnings! Applications are due by Friday, October 19th.

Times: To be scheduled. We’ll find a time that works for everyone.

Location: Over the phone, via email, and on a private Facebook group.

When I started the program, I felt like I was trying to build a house of my dreams and goals without a plan, without the proper tools, and without a clear vision. It was completely overwhelming – an incredibly daunting task. Now, six months later, I have everything I need for building not only my own soul’s home but also to do the work of community building that is important to me. I know what to do, I have the tools, and it feels much less overwhelming. (Still a bit overwhelming, to be honest – but much less so.)

Through my work with Pace, I have developed a strong framework and foundation that can stand up to the storms of life and the rigors of daily living. By starting with a solid base and focusing on one element at a time, I can move past feeling overwhelmed and onto progress. By building each piece separately, I make the whole stronger and the process of building more enjoyable.

Through the program, I have learned to trust in my own wisdom and my connection to the Divine rather than seeking answers from external sources. This has freed energy and space for joyful discoveries and for celebrating the present moments. When I relied on external sources, there was lots of conflicting and competing information. This meant that any path I chose was destined to be wrong in the eyes of at least some people even while being right for others. For someone who self-trained to be a black belt in the art of people-pleasing, this was very stressful. Trusting my own wisdom removes the step of figuring out which external wisdom best applies, and learning to trust in my internal wisdom lets me move past this sense of being judged. This frees up more of my mental and emotional energy because I’m not wasting that energy on distracting opinions. Gathering information but trusting my own knowing means that the wisdom I find is tailored to my unique experience in life instead of someone else’s. Trusting my inner wisdom has helped me see that I know how to achieve my goals and build my soul’s home.

This work has also provided a new kind of mirror for reflecting my own thoughts and feelings back to me. This allows me to evaluate them more objectively. I’ve gained an awareness of my assumptions, of my habits, of my self-imposed stumbling blocks. I have also gained new tools for navigating decisions (Compass technique, etc.) for working toward and achieving goals. These tools make me better equipped for building my dreams.

Perhaps the biggest shift is in my perception. At the start of the program, I was very focused on making the right choice, getting the answer right, choosing the right alternative. Now I see that my path is a a journey rather than a destination. I understand that circling back around the spiral is not “failing” but part of the process. I see that even “mistakes” are part of growing and sometimes lead to unexpected but delightful discoveries. This has given me freedom to take chances and to live more fully. It has taken the pressure off; I don’t have to find the 100% right answer for all time; I can focus on the next step and trust that the step that is right after that will unfold in time.

In sum, through the Pathfinding program, I have learned to trust my own knowing as well as gaining new tools and the ability to use them. I have found more courage and freedom in the service to my calling. I have what I need to make the differences that are important to me.

– Shirley Keeton | Sacred Agent |

How is this different from Pathfinding I?

In Pathfinding I, we worked on finding your path, accessing Divine guidance, then working through obstacles on your path.

In Pathfinding II, we’ll focus on the #1 biggest obstacle that’s blocking you and heal it until it’s healed.

And once we heal your #1 obstacle, we’ll move on to #2. That’ll give #1 a chance to morph into a new, sneakier form, and we can heal that too. (:

At first I thought Pathfinding was going to be about how to build a business around you that helps you follow your path. And that’s what some of the people in our group started doing, and I felt like, “Oh no, I’m not in the right place, because what I’m working on is ‘meditate, get centered, learn how to do the Compass’ and all this spiritual and emotional work.” There was a moment when I felt, “I paid all this money for this? I could have just read a book!”

But I don’t feel that way at all anymore. It was exactly what I needed. Over time I realized that we’re all the same in this group, and that we’re each exactly where we are and where we need to be. Pace is great at figuring out where people really are and what they need to move forward.

I also really appreciated that it’s low pressure. I would sometimes think, “I didn’t do enough! I didn’t do a good job! Pace is going to fire me!” Whenever I thought that, it turned out okay. We just go from here, what’s going on today, and what’s next? I appreciated that it was always a “where are you at today” kind of thing.

So what did I actually learn? Getting centered, internal focus, the whole Compass thing, how to make decisions, how to know if they’re good decisions. Six months is a good amount of time for all those things to get connected up, and now I actually do some of those things throughout my day.

I’m glad I made the commitment to the whole six-month program. I’m glad I got through that dip. It all gelled at the end.

– Carol Bono | Chaplain

My promise to you

I promise to be gentle. If a kick in the pants is called for, I promise to kick as gently and compassionately as possible. (: I promise to treat everything you say as sacred and confidential. I know that you have a light inside you that’s bursting to get out, and I want to help you clear away those obstacles so your light can shine even more brilliantly!

And I’m confident that if you’re willing to commit to this program, I can help you.

But you don’t have to take my word for it! Sprinkled throughout this page, you can read what some of my clients have to say about working with me. You may recognize some of the names and faces. (; Here are two more.

I just finished my second Pathfinder Coaching session with Pace, and I can’t restrain myself from spinning out a testimonial.

I’ve had the privilege of working with—and for—some of the top strategists, coaches, consultants, intuitives, and clairvoyants in the world. (I’m a lucky duck).

In my humble, unbiased opinion, Pace is very, very special. From the first few minutes of our consultation call, I felt a sense of being profoundly witnessed. When she paused to consider whether or not she could, in fact, help me—a critical step that all-too-many coaches skip!—I knew I was dealing with a person of ethics, integrity and self-awareness. A service provider devoted to, uh, service. Pretty revolutionary.

Pace’s coaching style is conscious, but not calculated. I never feel like she’s simply planning what to say next, to fill the silence. I always feel like she’s listening—deeply. And the insights that pour out are nothing short of miraculous.

In two hours with Pace, I’ve grasped murky patterns that have muddled up my romantic relationships since—forever. I’ve learned the difference between self-confidence and self-love, and I’m (beginning to) learn how to close the gap. Starting with shiny baubles, daily rituals and self-dates. Score!

By the end of our third session, I expect to gain several superpowers, such as X-ray vision, telekinesis and levitation. Not really. But…probably.

—Alexandra Franzen | Promotional Wordsmith & Pro-Active Pimp |

“In working with you, Pace, I’ve learned to trust myself. When we started working together, I was all caught up in my head. Now I’m in touch with my heart, regularly and deeply.

I’m not totally left brained or right, I’m right down the middle. I’m a Jill of All Trades. I felt bad that I didn’t have this one major talent, this obvious “THIS IS YOUR CALLING” sign lit up in neon lights.

But one of the things I loved most about working with you is that you have a way of getting to know each person and learning what works for them. We tried lots of new things, and I never had an “Eww, that was awful” experience. You’re so intuitive that it just comes to you. You never second-guessed yourself, you just pulled out whatever was needed from Pace’s Bag of Magic. And that’s what I needed – a little bit of lots of different kinds of magic.

If we hadn’t been working together, I would be hating myself right now. I would be curled up in a ball, grieving (or avoiding grieving) and hating myself. You helped me through that. You weren’t afraid to witness any of that grief. You leaned into the discomfort, you helped me sit with my feelings instead of judging them. And now I’ve come out the other side and I’m taking a leap of faith.

Now I have that boldness and clarity that was the reason I signed up, because I have that self-trust that I didn’t have before.

You’ve been a true blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-Maribeth Doerr | Grief Coach-in-Training |

How do I sign up?

You know the drill – fill out an application! It’s just like last time, except this application will be shorter, because I already know you.

First, you’ll submit an application. Next, we’ll talk on the phone for a little while. You don’t need to prepare anything. We’ll chat about your situation and talk about how I might be able to help you. This call is totally free (money-wise and commitment-wise).

Sometimes, what’s best for the baby bird is to be pushed out of the nest so she can learn to fly on her own. Will this program help you learn to fly? Or would this program be like staying in the nest for you? That’s one thing we’ll work together to figure out during our phone conversation. I’m not going to push you in any direction; you and I will discuss it and figure it out together.

So fill out this application, click submit, and I promise I’ll get back to you within two business days. As soon as you submit an application, I’ll hold your spot for you. You can also use the application to submit questions even if you’re not sure you want to apply.

Applications are due by Friday, October 19th.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate you, I miss you, and I’d love to work together again.

Much love,