The Connection Manifesto

The Connection Manifesto tells the story of why there is so much hurt and sadness in the world, and what we intend to do about it.

This manifesto is the heart and soul of the Connection Revolution. We poured ourselves into it. We wrote, tweaked, adjusted, agonized, and rephrased ’til we got it just right.

But really, it’s about you; how you can improve your life and the lives of others, how you can find and create connection, and most importantly, how you can change the world.

It’s 100% free to download, 100% free to share, and 100% free of affiliate links. This is not a money-making document, this is a world-changing document.

Our goal is to share this message with everyone in the world who would be touched by its message. One simple thing you can do right now to help is share this manifesto with anyone it will inspire. Forward it as an email attachment. Stumble it. Share the link to this page:

Together, we can spread the word and change the world!

Download the Connection Manifesto (PDF)

Download the print-friendly version (PDF)

95 thoughts on “The Connection Manifesto

  1. it’s true many people are in this state of apathy. And it is true that our culture teaches us that this or at least some form of this (it isn’t after all supposed to be depressing like they frame it but supposed to be satisfying) is ‘normal.’ It could be happiness in some cases but with how messed up culture can be (racism, sexism, the economy, etc.) and how slanted our current culture is against the middle and lower classes (particularly to keep them down), it tends to lead to a negative, unhappy outcome for the majority of people in the middle & lower classes. And they say money doesn’t mean happiness but with money you truly have more freedom. Freedom for opportunities, to travel, to do things you never could have done without money. As someone in this position ages and realizes their dreams will not be achieved, they turn into this drone-like person who is frustrated and unhappy (but supposed to be happy living the ‘American Dream’ that has been fed to us). So these people turn to coping mechanisms they are able to obtain like entertainment, substances and drugs and usually use these things to the max. It’s truly dysfunctional.

  2. Um…hi… *nervous* Just read the manifesto. Not sure what to think. Overall you’re goal is admirable, and I’m certain you can accomplish it.

    But some of the things in it……I dunno….I can’t seem to agree with them….

  3. @Alena_Ryu: Well, one of the main themes of the manifesto is that there is no one right way, so it’s perfectly fine with us if you don’t agree with everything in it. More power to you! (:

  4. *smiles* Thanks. ^^ Already feeling better about this group. Erm….do you mind if this turns into a conversation of sorts? I don’t wanna flood your comment board if you don’t want me to.

  5. *nods* Ok… goes.

    Um…hi. I tend to go by Ryu on the internet, Alena when when my avatar is female. (Which is more often then my brother declares as normal.) I’m an ADD, oddly feminine, heterosexual, Christian male, who still manages to believe in magic.

    I found out about this group through Kalastina’s journal on Devientart. And since then, have read the manifesto. It left me with mixed feelings, so now I’m trying to get to know the people here, before I decide weiather or not to join the Revolution.

    So… to tell me a bit about yourselves?

  6. Sure thing.

    I’m Pace. I’m an idealistic spiritual entrepreneur. I’m a bi poly trans kinky pagan gamer geek. I was born male and transitioned to female in 2003-2004. I met Kyeli in 2005 (or so), we fell in love, and had an illegal Texas wedding. I believe that the best way to make the world a better place is to take part in a paradigm shift of ideas, because most other plans will only address the symptoms, not the underlying causes. So Kyeli and I founded the Freak Revolution, to empower people like us to change the world.

    As for Kyeli, she’s currently recovering from surgery and can’t sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time, and I don’t want to put words in her mouth, so you might want to read what she wrote about herself. (:

  7. Ouch….I’ve had my own surguries numerous times in the past. >_< Not fun. Well, aside from getting out of school. XD (I used to go to public school. Long story.)

    I'm noticing alot of similarities between you, me, and Kyeli. Particularly in the belief in magic.


    I'm still trying to figure out if I'm transexual or not….there's alot of things to consider…..but my particular problem comes with figuring out wieather I should truly be female, or if its just my fetish talking…..

  8. Here is some more about Kyeli’s and my spiritual beliefs, if you’re interested.

    And as for knowing whether you’re transsexual or not, the way I figured it out was to experiment in a safe way. I asked one group of my online friends to treat me as female, and I saw how that felt. It felt good and… right, so I asked a group of my IRL friends to treat me as female. It felt even more good and right for me. So eventually I transitioned publicly. If you could find a way to experiment in a safe and non-fetish-related context, maybe that would give you more information about what’s best for you?

  9. Nya….thats gonna be awkward to bring up….The online thing should be pretty easy to pull off though. I’d just have to introduce the concept a bit more…

    Ok, plan achieved. I need to slowly introduce the concept….talk about it….probably with Cas……*ish planning out loud at this point*

    Publicly this’ll be a much bigger issue. I can honestly think of no rl friends who would even be remotely accepting of such an issue. Especially not my brother or mother. Mom’s paranoid about every strange thing out there, while my brother is the most judgemental person on the planet……

    My Dad might understand, but I’d have to wait a year. As is, I only get a month with him each year. And if I tried moving in with him, it’d break my mother emotionally. Seriously……I can’t do that to her……

    *smiles* Thanks Pace. ^^ And I wish Keyli well!

  10. Allright…..I just had a very insperational pep talk from the oddest of places: My brother.

    How do I sign up?

  11. It’s a mix of news (about our projects and sometimes people in our community) and tips on changing the world, being awesome, and that sort of thing. Not too different from the blog.

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  14. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

    1. Welcome back, Jewell! We post new blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally other days if we get really excited about something. (:

  15. I loved everything about everything in the Manifesto! It takes a whole lot of passion and dedication to do what you guys are doing… Thank you so very much for SHINING your light into our Universe !!! Much Love and Respect to the both of YOU and all that helped you. Beautiful Inspiration… <3

  16. Am in absolute AWE that you guys are offering this and I cannot wait to dive in. I also shared the link, because so many people NEED this. I have not even spoken personally to you guys, YET, and I already feel very honored and happy to be in your presence.

    ~ Blessings and Love ~

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  18. This is such an important Manifesto – We need more of what you have to offer! Blessings, love and a huge “thank you!” for the difference you are making in the world.

  19. My blessings to you guys! Love seeing anybody that shares my path to the better world. You both have done such a great job, ive been sharing the link to everybody. Love + light, em x

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