The Perfect Assistant

Applications are closed! Thanks to everyone who applied. We’ll get back to you within two weeks.

We’re looking for a dedicated team member, hired as an independent contractor. We are not looking for someone who’s only in it for the paycheck. We need you to take initiative to support the Connection Revolution and our mission.

Job description:

We need an assistant who is strong in operations, with the potential to grow into an operations manager. We need someone reliable and meticulous who can help our business run smoothly.

The pay starts at $15 an hour. The expected commitment is about 10-15 hours a week at first, with the potential to grow to 20 within a few months and possibly 30-40 in the long term. We want someone who wants to grow with us. You’ll work from home so you must have a reliable internet connection. You’ll be working with both of us.

You’ll need to take good care of our clients, customers, and readers, and make sure things don’t slip through the cracks. We are working on effective systems for running our business, so we need someone who can help us create systems that work for all three of us.

In addition, we need you to help us schedule all our appointments, write emails, and manage our inboxes. You’ll be asked to take raw video and text to compile finished newsletters and blog posts in MailChimp and WordPress (requires some HTML). You’ll also need to be familiar with Google Calendar, as well as iCal.

To sum up, the most important aspects of your job will be:

  • email: triage, replying, dictation-taking, and assistance
  • logistics / scheduling
  • putting bits and pieces together into coherent, mistake-free newsletters and blog posts
  • making sure people are well taken care of and that things don’t slip through the cracks

We need someone who is awesome at all of these things.

Here’s a more detailed list of the skills we’re looking for.

Required skills:

  • Google Calendar (calendar creation and management, both regular and appointments)
  • iCal
  • familiarity with iPhone / iPad apps
  • making sure things get done
  • making sure things/people don’t slip through the cracks
  • following and creating checklists
  • creating and optimizing business processes
  • futzing (figuring out how to do something you don’t yet know how to do by messing around and trying things)
  • video processing (uploading, editing)
  • fleshing out emails from outline drafts
  • ability to notice and catch mistakes
  • clear communication
  • MailChimp (put pre-written materials into a draft, including visual tweaks and scheduling; may write minor copy on a case-by-case basis)
  • WordPress (put pre-written materials into a draft, including visual tweaks and scheduling; locate Creative Commons images for blog use)
  • HTML & CSS finagling
  • tech support (answering “How do I access the stuff I bought?” emails, etc.)
  • customer service (answering simple queries, being kind to angry people)
  • email triage (deleting flames, handling customer service requests, bringing Very Important Messages to our attention. knowing the difference.)
  • Excel and/or Google Spreadsheet
  • Word
  • dictation
  • transcription
  • manage other people as needed
  • research (e.g. service dogs, local counselors, mixers)
  • audio editing

Please answer the following questions so we can find out if we have the best fit possible. Since we’re looking for a long-term team member, the questions are extensive but (hopefully) fun!

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