Our friends Jennifer Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen are wonderful teachers – in fact, they're offering a course called TeachNow to help others become better teachers. We want to learn a few of the goodies in their bag of tricks, so we've scheduled an interview with them. We call it:

Pace and Kyeli Selfishly Pick Jen & Michele's Brains So We Can Become Better Teachers

But I guess it's not entirely selfish, since we're inviting you to join us! No cost, no obligation. If we were less silly, we might call it How to Plan and Deliver an Online Class in a Way That Encourages Transformational Learning.

Click here to register and you'll get the call-in info. The call is tomorrow: Friday, 9/13, at 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET. It'll last an hour, and we'll share the recording in next week's zine.

We'll ask Jen & Michele:

  • How to plan and deliver an online class in a way that encourages transformational learning (you could have guessed that one)
  • How to prepare for teaching a class without getting stressed out
  • How to be most helpful to your students without trying to make them learn
  • How to encourage your students to do the work without being annoying
  • What software do you find helpful for learning, and which is just shiny bells and whistles that aren't necessary?
  • And we'll happily take any questions!