WCML 018: Writing and the Shero, with Jennifer Louden

With Jennifer Louden:

Jen Louden’s got wit, vim, and verve.
She’s got snark behind her reserve.
And inside her chest
She’s suitably blessed
With a heart made to savor and serve.

We discuss how the Shero’s Journey differs from the Hero’s Journey, and why creativity and writing are so important – for yourself and for the world.


  • The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries
  • Gender, race, queerness, equality, and the Lathe of Heaven
  • “While the hero journeys for external fame, fortune, and power, the heroine tries to regain her lost creative spirit… Once she hears the cries of this lost part of herself needing rescue, her journey truly begins.” – Valerie Estelle Frankel, From Girl to Goddess
  • Sheroes take the first step for themselves, not for the other
  • The importance of claiming your own story in the face of the control paradigm which says There Is Only One Story And You Must Fit Into It.
  • Overcoming the “your story doesnt matter” doubt

You can find Jen Louden at JenniferLouden.com.

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